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Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina where international flights frequently arrive. It has two main airports: the international airport Ministro Pistarini, known as Ezeiza (EZE), located at roughly 34 km far from Buenos Aires, and the domestic airport Jorge Newbery, known as Aeroparque (AEP), located close to the downtown of Buenos Aires.

· When travelling from abroad, you will be arriving at Ezeiza Airport.
· You will have to make your own arrangements in order to go to the domestic airport, Aeroparque, the place where your domestic flight to Bariloche is leaving.
· It takes normally one hour to travel from Ezeiza to Aeroparque taking a taxi, and roughly two hours to do it by bus. Please consider this when organizing your airports transfer in order to be no less than one hour before the departure of your flight in Aeroparque.

Your flight will be arriving in Ezeiza Airport where, after Immigration Control, a light will turn either green or red just by chance. If you get the red light your luggage will be checked by Customs officers, otherwise no control of your luggage will be performed. Please be advised that the chances of green light are rather low. After going through Customs you will have to make arrangements for your transfer to Aeroparque. We strongly advise you not to deal with any transportation pedlar (they are either in the main hall or in the sidewalk of the airport) offering you a cheaper deal; it could be dangerous. We advise you to contract transportation services in either the booths in the main hall offering shuttle bus or limousine taxi services (here called remisse). The main operator of these services is the firm “Manuel Tienda Leon”. You can visit their web site at,, where you can find current rates and make reservations. You can pay the corresponding rate at the firm desk (main credit cards are accepted); you get a ticket which you hand to the driver that will be taking you to destination. Therefore you do not pay to the driver at the end of the trip. If you take a  remisse, somebody will go with you (helping with your luggage), from the booth to the Remise.
When arriving at Aeroparque you will find many check-in booths. You can do your check-in at any of them. After checking in you must go to the first floor to access the boarding hall. To access the boarding hall you have to show your boarding pass and passport. At the boarding hall, TV screens will show your boarding gate. At the boarding hall you have toilets and coffee shops where you can have lunch ( not cheap places!).

When arriving at Bariloche we advise you to hire a remisse service in order to arrive at your hotel. Remisse desks are at the arrivals hall of Bariloche airport. The cost of the trip to Bariloche might vary between 60 and 80 argentinean pesos (15-20 US dollars) depending on the location of your hotel.

We wish you a pleasant travel through Argentina !