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Challenges for nuclear disarmament: Future strategic stability and verification

Fecha y Horario:

lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2017, 12hs


Götz Neuneck


Chairman of the Working Group “Physics and Disarmament”, German Physical Society
Professor at the IFSH, University of Hamburg.


The nuclear disarmament discourse is seriously blocked and increasingly polarized. The US and Russia which possess more than 90 percent of the nuclear stockpile are not negotiating a new arms control accord. The INF-Treaty is put into question and other important agreements are suspended or falling apart. A continuing, reliable and verified disarmament process has to be revitalized to prevent increasing nuclear risks and threats. The first part of the talk will analyze the current disarmament stalemate and the future challenges for “strategic stability”, whereas the second part focuses on the physics and the problems of the dismantlement of nuclear weapons under a future multilateral disarmament agreement. Either the Nuclear Ban Treaty or a new multilateral reduction agreement needs to elaborate procedures, protocols, and measurements for the verification of the dismantlement of real nuclear warheads under international control. The talk will elaborate the work and the results which have been done within the “International Partnership for Disarmament Verification”.

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