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About us

The Instituto Balseiro (IB)

The IB is a free public institution that encompasses a series of characteristics that make it stem out as unique. It was created in 1955 by an agreement between the Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (CNEA) and the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (UNCUYO). The objectives are reflected in Resolution 0445/1999, At the same time, the Instituto Balseiro is an academic unit integrated to the Centro Atómico Bariloche (CAB), which counts with first class labs for research and development to which students have access during their experimental practices.

The Instituto Balseiro works permanently with the aim of fostering Science and Technology in the country by forming scientists and technologists in both nuclear areas with peaceful purposes and non-nuclear ones. This aim is achieved by carrying out high level academic activities.

Unique Characteristics

It is noteworthy that all of the students at IB receive FULL SCHOLARSHIPS that allow them to fully commit to their studies. This, among other distinctive aspects, allows our graduate and postgraduate students to have access to a cutting edge education in theoretical aspects, in experimental practices and in technological innovation.

Students at the IB receive a personalized education due to the high faculty-student ratio. The professors at the IB are researchers and technologists in activity who are constantly connected to scientific and technological centers and technological enterprises, nationally and internationally. In this way, the acquired experience is transmitted to the students, who are being taught in a stimulating environment of high-standard scientific research and technological development, and are faced to the challenge of growing professionally with critical attitude and ability to solve complex and novel problems.

Furthermore, and following the foundational premise of Dr. José Balseiro, students take their experimental classes at the labs of the CAB as an inseparable part of their respective curriculums. Their education is completed with optional subjects and special courses.

Both, the high academic level and the benefit of the scholarship, allow students to develop their studies fully, with an innovative and inquisitive approach and focusing on the scientific and technological challenges of current times.

Studying at the IB is different

Academic offer and more

At the IB we offer undergraduate studies in Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Telecommunications Engineering. It is worth mentioning that the IB is the only institution in the country that offers Nuclear Engineering at the undergraduate level. We also offer seven postgraduate studies: Specialization in Technological Applications of Nuclear Energy (CEATEN for its acronym in Spanish), Masters in Physics, Medical Physics and Engineering, and PhD in Physics, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Sciences Other academic activities include the J. A. Balseiro School of Physics , Internships in agreement with national and foreign universities, Summer scholarships, Workshops, Congresses, Conferences and Colloquiums.


The IB organizes several activities directly related to society. Some of these activities are: online support to university students, scholarships for high school students, teacher training courses for teachers of all educational levels, collaboration in Science Fairs at schools, CAB-IB exhibition for general public, talks of specialists in schools during the of the Science and Technology Week, cultural events, radio programs, communications in mass media of topics related to Science and Technology, guided visits to the CAB, among others. As a side note, all the academic activities of the IB take place within the campus of the CAB, which is immersed in the spectacular beauty of the Patagonian Andean forest.

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