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"Learning to solve new problems, challenges, imagining and developing technologies that have never been envisaged before. Being at the forefront, opening paths, generating knowledge and technology"



Academic life

There are a number of reasons that pave the way of students at IB towards a successful graduation.

First, the full scholarships awarded to each student allow them to focus all their attention and dedication on their studies.

Second, the number and the trajectory of professors - all researchers in activity - allows for the creation of a strong professor-student bond, which fosters an effective transmission of professional experience and a permanent contact for consultation and discussion.

Third, the academic calendar is carefully planned. Students take classes 5 mornings and 4 afternoons a week, distributed between theoretical and experimental classes and languages. Recesses are scheduled during a period that guarantees enough time for the preparation of exams, rest and leisure activities. The approval conditions are such that the graduation date is fixed from the beginning.

"The IB is a very demanding place. It requires a great vocation. An outstanding aspect is the high academic level in experimental subjects"


Bonds, in the words of students

"You live together with your classmates, you learn from recognized experts on their fields, and when you go for a sandwich you find yourself lining up with a bunch of doctors."

"I thought this was a much more competitive and less cooperative environment."

"When you live in the campus of the CAB, you develop a feeling of community in the dorms."

"At the IB, you are and INDIVIDUAL. All your suggestions are taken into account; student's opinions really count."

"The professor-student bond is very tight. This allows us to clear up doubts immediately, since there is always someone available to explain the contents given. Besides, if a Saturday morning a new doubt arises, you always have a professor living on campus ready to receive you."

All students can participate of the activities organized by the Centro de Estudiantes del Instituto Balseiro (Student Union of the IB): library of general interest, music equipment, video, and sports elements. IB students organize a Cinema Club within the facilities of the CAB.

Additionally, those applicants to the IB who wish to know about students' life at the Institute or any other aspect related to the academic offer from a gender perspective can contact Dr. Karen Hallberg karen@cab.cnea.gov.ar.


Life on Campus

Students have the option of living on campus, surrounded by the Patagonic Andean forests and mountains. The dorms accommodate two students each and count with a private bathroom and a fridge. Students have access to a common fully equipped kitchen and a TV room.

Even though students also have the option of living outside the campus, it is highly recommended for new students to stay at the dorms on campus to facilitate integration and convenience in daily activities.

Students can practice sports on the campus; they have access to tennis courts, racquetball courts, football fields, and a gym. There is also a leisure area that counts with a table tennis table, a pool table, and a table football table. During summer, many students visit the National Park, and during winter they go skiing.

"Although studying takes up most of our time, in general we also do other activities. We get together for a BBQ or some pizza, some of us play football or tennis; I mean, we make sure we live a normal life beyond studying."