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Students at the Instituto Balseiro carry out their practices in different laboratories at CAB. While taking classes in their first years, they use academic experimental labs designed and equipped specifically for teaching. Advanced students, on the other hand, work at research labs integrated with different research groups of the Centro Atómico Bariloche (CAB). In this way, the students' learning process develops tightly related to ongoing research and development projects, enriching the students' experience with daily practices of scientists and technologists.


The research activities related to undergraduate and postgraduate work atthe Instituto Balseiro are carried out at modern labs and with outstanding research groups of basic and applied sciences of the CAB, other institutions and associated companies. The research areas are: Physics and its applications, Materials and Device Technology, and Nuclear Energy. These groups, related to other national and international prestigious labs and centers, seek to contribute substantially to the national scientific knowledge and technological growth, through developments and indigenous engineering in nuclear and non-nuclear areas, and the permanent promotion of scientific, technological and academic activities.

Research and Development Groups