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Slides and Papers of the course Evolution of Neural Computation

Lecture Slides Class 1, 1st part Class 1, 2nd part Class 2, 1st part Class 2, 2nd part Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7 Class 8a Class 8b Class 9 Important Papers Atick 1992 (class 3) Doya 2002 (class 2) Optican Richmond 1997 (class 3) Book about David Marr Paper Dahaene Paper Kaas Paper Urdapilleta Paper Adlaf Paper Clark Back to the page of the Curso…

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Curso del Programa Maldacena

Instituto Balseiro opens the registration to the course Evolution of Neural Computation, between 6th and 17th February 2017. Lectures will be held between 9 and 11 am during week days, except for the first lesson on February 6th, which is scheduled for the afternoon.The course is directed to students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program related to exact, natural, medical or psychological sciences, or professionals with a degree in…

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Curso de Diploma IB-ICTP en Física de Partículas y Materia Condensada Cátedra de Matemática y Física General (apoyo online a postulantes a ingreso) Curso "Herramientas de Innovación: bases para crear una empresa de tecnología ”Herramientas de Innovación: bases para crear una empresa de tecnología” Programa Maldacena CELFI - El Centro Latinoamericano de Formación Interdisciplinaria, iniciativa que posibilita la formación de científicos de la Argentina y Latinoamérica en el abordaje de…